Owner & Founder of Elle Marie Beauty , VSG Sports, CEO of KRL , Cosmetic Labs
Karen Lucchesi is the founder of La Plaza Wellness Centers. After being diagnosed with Lupus, she carved her own path to healthy living. The journey to reclaim her own health led Karen to develop a total wellness center and went on to develop Elle Marie Beauty working with in-house microbiology department at Cosmetic Labs. While Karen continues to build Elle Marie Beauty, she is developing business for the United League and American Association of Baseball. Holder Of TABC at various pro baseball stadiums, working with charity groups providing assistance with events and production and VSG Sports providing development of new traditional and non-traditional revenue, marketing, sales and supervision of projects.
The Innocent Woman
a true and tragic story of integrity, love, faith, corruption, betrayal, regulatory abuse and family collapse. Innocent or Guilty?
Karen Lucchesi is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur and community leader. In her talks she shares her personal experiences as a successful business owner, debilitating illness, the loss of everything, prison and starting over. Most people wouldn’t have any reason to keep going, but Karen is passionate about sharing with her audiences the formula of Success. Determination, faith and choice. She will awe, motivate, encourage and inspire!
Radio Show Host
Karen Lucchesi frequently appears on several most-listened-to America talk and news radio programs. Karen is co-host on Successful Women radio, encouraging women to keep fighting, keep growing and never quit on your dreams. Karen has fought and wins the daily battle with Lupus and is a passionate supporter of our community, art and fundraising for charity. Aside from being a successful woman and business leader, Karen is an exemplary human being. Warm, thoughtful, funny and smart all while somehow being as tenacious and tough as a woman in the baseball business.

Welcome Karen Lucchesi

Karen Lucchesi here. Welcome to a new phase in my life as speaker, author and owner of Elle Marie Beauty, a high quality, unique luxurious skin care line that clients can customize to meet their own specific needs. After attending the University of Texas Arlington and the Academy of Esthetics and Cosmetology, I have focused my efforts on creating and growing businesses dedicated to health, wellness, beauty and baseball.

I am now working on the release of my first book telling my story. “The Innocent Woman – A True Story of Integrity, Love, Faith, Corruption, Betrayal, Regulatory Abuse and Family Collapse”, Recounting my experiences of being falsely accused and imprisoned. Then being fully vacated of my sentence.

“The Supreme Court of the United States vacated her sentence. A Crooked Attorney and a FOOL for a Judge did their best to ruin her.In spite of everything lost, she moves forward. Karen Lucchesi is aforce that deserves respect and appreciation.”

Charles Threadgill


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