About Toy Brick City

We are a group of parents who believe that “ALL OF OUR CHILDREN CAN BUILD WHAT THEY DREAM.” As parents, we are always looking to provide the best for our kids, and that includes having the best educational toys.In 2010 we made this site available to introduce to you SLUBAN TOY BRICKS. Now you can have the high quality educational and fun TOY BUILDING BRICKS that you have always wanted for your kids, but now at an affordable price! All of us at Toy Brick City believe that the most precious things in our life are our kids. They can start building their future right now, beginning with the things that we teach them and with which they are provided. It has long been known that building toys (blocks and bricks) inspire creativity in children, and are one of the very best educational toys with which a child can play. The benefits that they provide are many. According to Wikipedia, building blocks and bricks provide the following:

  • Physical benefits: toy bricks build strength in a child’s fingers and hands, and improve eye-hand coordination. They also help educate children in different shapes.
  • Social benefits: block play encourages children to make friends and cooperate, and is often one of the first experiences a child has playing with others. Blocks are a benefit for the children because they encourage interaction and imagination. Creativity can be a combined action that is important for social play.
  • Intellectual benefits: children can potentially develop their vocabularies as they learn to describe sizes, shapes, and positions. Math skills are developed through the process of grouping, adding, and subtracting, particularly with standardized blocks, such as unit blocks. Experiences with gravity, balance, and geometry learned from toy blocks also provide intellectual stimulation.
  • Creative benefits: children receive creative stimulation by making their own designs with blocks.

With all the beautiful and positive effects that toy bricks can offer, it is a shame that not every child can enjoy playing and benefiting from them. This is primarily due to the fact that most available building bricks are very expensive, and thus have been out of reach for so many kids and families. It was with this very thought in mind that we began searching for a viable alternative. It was during this search that we came cross a review in one of the brick sites that stated “IT TOOK THE COST OF TWENTY SCHOOL LUNCHES FOR MY PARENTS TO BUY ME A SET OF THE LEADING BRAND OF BUILDING BRICKS.”
That did it for us.
We determined to find a product that would be REGISTERED, SAFE, RELIABLE, AFORDABLE, and ENJOYABLE that would be COMPATIBLE with the leading brands. And most importantly, it could be offered at prices affordable to everyone.
After innumerable searches, we found what we consider a true godsend: Sluban Toy Bricks,
We sincerely hope that we have delivered as we thought. Thanks.

Who is Sluban? What are Sluban Bricks?

Sluban Bricks are a U.S.A. registered trademark and are 100% compatible with the leading brand of toy brick. SLUBAN BRICKS comply and meet with the strict toy safety standards of NORTH AMERICAN & EUROPEAN (EEC) regulations and have passed and obtained the toys certificate for China Compulsory Certification (CCC).

The brand of Sluban building bricks were named after the famed Chinese inventor Lu Ban, and are manufactured by Century Youyi Limited Corporation, a company that prides itself on the culture of “Casting brand by honesty and integrity, winning success through quality, and conducting future with innovation.” Since their establishment in 2004, they have been committed to researching, designing and manufacturing the best possible educational toys including Sluban Blocks and Lorkee R/C Cars. In their words, their goal is to perform the best of our ability to build a world famous toy making and trading company.