16 September 2010: By a ruling of the European Court, Lego no longer has exclusivity to the plastic building blocks. This means that SLUBAN and other manufacturers are free to go and reach the European market.

SLUBAN building blocks is an alternative brand that fits the familiar Lego blocks. SLUBAN has been on the market since 2004 and in 2008 a start was made towards strategic expansion abroad. This ruling by the European Court permits and encourages the SLUBAN brand to expand in Europe
SLUBAN is pleased with this ruling. The spokesman for Nedco China International, importer of SLUBAN in Europe said, ” Ultimately SLUBAN is not a copy of Lego, but develops our own new series with unique sets. Take our Army series, or the extended series for the girls. This kind of Lego sets are not available.” This ruling of the court will ensure transparency in the market and will allow for more open and appealing themes to develop. This way the consumer gets more choice options.

According to the Nedco spokesman, SLUBAN will have again another series next year that Lego does not have. For consumers this means a positive development, as SLUBAN is less expensive as well.